Handmade Suites

Johnathon & Christopher,

This post is especially for you two.  One opportunity that I was very excited about was the prospect of having a suit custom made for me.  I’ve always had the problem of buying shirts and jackets that fit my shoulders but leave me swimming around the waist.

So, shortly after I landed in Mumbai, I asked my co-workers for the name and contact information of their tailor, Hitesh.  I had a fitting scheduled for later that day.

During our conversation he asked me about what colors I liked and which types of fabric he should bring for me to look at.  Naturally, with your mother in the US, I told him black.  That night Hitesh met me at the hotel and proceeded to show me around a dozen different options for … black.  It was at this moment that I realized I was in way over my head.  IMG_7448.jpg

After around 20 minutes of looking at the fabrics and draping them over my shoulders to see how they would look, as if I was actually capable of this visualization, I decided to stick with a single suit made from a black cashmere.  He told me the suit would take 2 days to make, at which time he would come back for a trial fitting.

Just as he stated, two days later Hitesh was messaging me to stop by and conduct the trial fitting.  I was hooked.  I’ve never had a suit that fit so well.  If you ever get the opportunity, get a tailored suit.  It’s amazing how much different you feel in clothes that were made for you, not for several people around the same size.

As I write this I expect to have several more suits made by Hitesh…although likely not from cashmere.  I realize this post is out in left field, but I was really excited it’s staying put.


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