The Independence Brewing Company


Ok, so this post isn’t for you now, it’s more for me, but maybe some day you’ll appreciate it.

IPAs, or Indian Pale Ales, are known as a ‘hoppy’ beer style that tends to bombard the palette.  For most people you either like them, or you don’t.  Me….I love them. So naturally I was a little disappointed when I learned that the term IPA was not named because of the types of beer they have in India.

What I learned was that the term IPA is better described as ‘beer prepared for India’.  Back around 1780 the British Empire discovered that their favorite pale ales were not robust enough to handle the 6 month journey to the east, countries like India.  So a brewer called Hodgson answered the call and made a hoppy, robust beer that could withstand the journey.  This over addition of hops was a preservative that would keep the beer good for the long journey.  Even thought the beer that left and what arrived in India had two very different profiles, the IPA was born.

Ok, so where am I going with this?  To Independence Brewing Company, that’s where.  During my first trip to Mumbai this year I was invited to the brewery by co-workers.  The brewery is located west of Powai, about an hour and a half driver, but it’s worth the wait.  I’ve been back each time I visit Mumbai this year and they have not disappointed.  Their flights consist of around 8-10 different beers, and all are unique and worth a try.

I’m told the places that remind us of home will hold a special place in our hearts while we’re on assignment.  This place is in that category.


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