Sunday Brunch


During the first month of living in India we found an amazing network of people who were instrumental to our family having the experience we did.  It was tough, don’t get us wrong, but the amount of support and guidance we received was amazing.  A special thanks to everyone we’ve been fortunate enough to share this experience with.

One experience that I had heard about before we moved was the Sunday Brunch at the Renaissance Hotel.  The hotel was where I had spent three weeks in July waiting to finalize the paperwork for the apartment before the rest of you made the trip.  It’s an amazing hotel with great restaurants, gym, pool, and an executive lounge.  The hotel is very much a top option to a soft landing in Mumbai because it’s got a compound type feeling.  In that I mean, when you’re inside the gates you really don’t experience the full effect of a typical Mumbai area.  There’s plenty of space and lots of familiar food.

One special event that the hotel puts on each weekend is the Sunday Brunch.  For around $40 for adults and maybe $20 for kids over 5 you get all you can eat food.  What makes this special is that the food ranges from Indian to Asian to Custom orders and Ice Cream.

When people travel here for short visits, and their trip keeps them over the weekend, the Sunday Brunch is a great place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.  The problem we faced is it was impossible to keep 3 kids entertained in order to be there long enough to enjoy all the food.  To our surprise the hotel setup a kids area that has a bouncy house, clowns, games, and coloring table.

The first trip we tried out the unlimited alcohol option as well, but found that 2hrs is about all you three were willing to be civil without naps.  So, after the first time we stuck with just the food.

We’ve used the Bruch to catch up with all sorts of friends who, like us, just need a break from the day to day life and catch a bit of home.  Great times!


Mom & Dad

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