Starting a collection


We can’t say that we’ve lived in to many place after college, and we’re not exactly world travelers.  Or even US travelers for that matter.  We bought our first house in 2007, right before the real estate market crashes, then moving into a friends basement with a toddler and a new born while our next house was being built.  Looking back I can’t believe it myself.

Taking this assignment to India was, for lack of a better phrase, not in our Standard Operating Procedure.  We knew that this relocation would add much more than career opportunities.

Incredible India Pre-Party

We’ve been in Mumbai for a little over 4 months now and it still amazes me when we’re out with friends who are literally from all around the world.  We’ve made great friendships with people from Europe, Denmark, United Kingdom, Egypt, Thailand, and China, just to name a few.

Many people collect items such as magnets, bumper stickers, and coffee cups.  If moving half way around the world and getting know people from all walks of life wasn’t the perfect time to start a collection we didn’t was would.  This blog for instance is our attempt to collect experience during our adventure that we thought would be fun to look back on later in life.  In support we will be taking a lot of photos over the next few years and plan to make annual books of our adventures.  I hope someday when you read this you already know where they are in the house.  But, if not, please hold us accountable for making them.

So this post is supposed to be about collections.  Well, your mother and I are not people who like to have ‘stuff’ sitting around, so collections are hard.  This is probably why we gravitated to photos and this blog.

Lunch at Leopold’s Cafe

Either way we wanted a collection, so we decided that our obsession with coffee was a perfect place to add a few memorable items.  Starting with this assignment we will be collecting coffee mugs from every location we’ve lived.  So far we have mugs from Leopold’s Cafe, a famous location established in 1871 where shootings took place during the terrorist attack back in 2008, and the India Mugs from Starbucks.  We were excited when we ran across Mumbai mug just a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately that one only lasted a few weeks before it was broken….I guess we’ll buy another one.


Mom & Dad

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