Our First Indian Christmas


Our first Christmas in India was a little challenging, mostly because it was all still new.  We decided to stay in Mumbai instead of trying to have Christmas in Australia.  We wanted to keep things easy on Santa and make sure we didn’t disrupt his plans of delivering your presents to Mumbai.

Most of our friends had already left on holiday vacations or trips back home to see family.  We didn’t have a massive tree with all the lights and ornaments, but we made do.


We also found a way to make gingerbread men without molasses or brown sugar, which was another winning moment. The activity of making cookies was a complete hit, and they tasted delicious.

On Christmas night we said farewell to Dobby our elf and wished him a safe return to the north pole, we set out carrots, peppers, cookies, and milk, and everyone went to bed.

As expected Santa brought lots of presents, including a kitchen set, tri-cycle, skate boards, and Nerf guns.


After presents we hung around the apartment all day to save enough energy to catch an 11pm flight to Australia.


Mom & Dad

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