Singapore, Singapore


Singapore was on our list from the beginning, and luckily for us a very easy place to get to from Mumbai.  This trip was planned to be similar to Austria in that we weren’t at a resort and had planned outing for our days.  It was an amazing trip.

Day 1 – Saturday November 3rd: A relaxing day of travel

For the first time in all of our travels we did NOT leave at midnight.  It was AMAZING.  We left Mumbai on a noon flight and spent 5 hours watching movies, reading books, and playing games.  It was awesome.

When we arrived in Singapore we grabbed a taxi and headed to the apartment, arriving around 8:30pm.  Our host was there to greet us, and walked us through the features and need to know information for our stay before we started our night time routine.

Day 2 – Sunday November 4th: MRT, VivoCity, Harbour Front, Pool, & Fat Boy Burger Bar

On the first day we decided to stay close to the apartment and figure out how to manage the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, find food, and solidify the rest of the trip.  Our apartment was in Queenstown, fairly close to VivoCity and the walkway to Sentosa Island.

After waking up around 9am we devoured the breakfast, Special K cereal that our host had graciously provided since we got in late.  After breakfast we headed out the door and started our 10 minute walk towards the nearest MRT station.

As you can tell we really try to use the public transportation systems when we travel.  We really like how engaged you kids get in the planning, reviewing of timetables, and getting us from A to B.  Life lessons being learned here.  The MRT system was no acception.  It was convenient, clean, and reliable. We loved it.

VivoCity mall was huge and helped us pass several hours of our day walking around to find stores and restaurants for later in the week.  After we sufficiently covered the mall, and picked up some food at a local market, we headed back to the apartment for an afternoon swim.  The pool at the apartment was great, and deep enough to dive which the boys really embraced. Lots of ‘Hey Mom, watch this…”

After swiming we got cleaned up and headed to Fat Boy Burgers, the only restaurant close to the apartment.  On the way to dinner we managed to get caught in the rain, but luckily we expected afternoon showers so we had umbrellas.  It was a pretty fun walk.  The place was a hole in the wall, and delicious.  We went there three times during the week.

Day 3 – Monday November 5th: Cathey Mall, Clarke Quay, Chinatown, LeVel33 Brewery

On Monday we ventured north, starting with breakfast at Cathey Mall.  Before we left Mumbai we did some research on the best breakfast places in Singapore and were on a mission to try as many as we could.  A friend of ours also provided a list of top breweries, which we also worked hard to make a dent in.

Breakfast was amazing, although not really meant for you three since you only eat toast, pancakes, and cereal for breakfast. Before we got to far from the mall we were stopped by a couple from Los Angeles California who overheard us talking about our plans and recognized our American accents.  It’s amazing how traveling the world opens up commonalities with so many people.  The family was about half way through a 12 month year abroad with their two kids.  We talked for over 30 minutes, and let you kids run around and play.  Before heading in different directions we exchanged information.

After breakfast we headed out to walk around Fort Canning Park to visit Clarke Quay.  It was a senic walk and helped kill a little time.


When we arrived at Clarke Quay almost all of the shops and restaurants were closed.  This didn’t really cause any problems since we had just eaten breakfast, and the quay was really nice.  I bet it’s a fun place to be after dinner.

After walking around Clarke Quay we headed to the MRT station to hop a ride to Chinatown to see the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.  There were no MRT stations close to the temple which gave us the opportunity to see a little more of Chinatown.

Madelyn was sleeping when we arrived at the temple, so your Mom decided to stay outside and let her sleep.  The temple was amazing.  It looked like they were having a service at the time of our visit, and the tourists were kept to the outside walls of the temple.  We made our way through the temple fairly quickly since the boys don’t do well in small quiet spaces. We left as quickly as we came, but made time to light some incense and pray to Buddha.

After viewing the temple we made our way back to the MRT station, taking a different route allowing us to see the Chinatown market area.  The markets were busy and we didn’t spend much time looking around since we plan to make it to China and thought we’d buy things there.  Anyway, the atmosphere and experience was great.

From the MRT station we started our way back to Queenstown, but not before stoping over at the business park to find the LeVel33 Brewery.  We were all tired at this point and needed to get off our feet, so a couple cold IPAs really sounded good. Oh, and you three had water.  The brewery was not easy to find, located on the 33rd floor of a building in the business park, but we found it.  The beer was amazing, the view was amazing, and if I worked in that business park I think I’d keep them in business.


Day 4 – Tuesday November 6th: VivoCity, Sentosa, Pool, and Burgers

After a long day we decided to stay close to the apartment and check out Sentosa Island.  You kids ate breakfast at the apartment, and second breakfast at VivoCity.  We debated for some time about taking the cable car from the mall to the island, but decided against it since any chance to get you three walking and/or running is usually for the better. So we walked along the Sentosa walkway, where they ended up having skywalk machines to help get us there quicker. So it was a good middle ground.

Once we arrived on Sentosa I managed to throw out my back for the first time in at least 5 years.  I know, very convenient. I have a heniated disc in my lower back and this happens when I’m not careful.  I think carrying around 30 lbs of water and ipads for three days finally did me in.  Oh, that and poor posture… So we did a short walk to get some pictures and headed back to the apartment.

Day 5 – Wednesday November 7th: Lazy Day, Breakfast, Naps, Pools, and Dinner In

With my limited mobility we stayed close to the apartment again, and we had breakfast at VivoCity’s Movenpick restaurant.  It was very different from what we’re used to, in that it wasn’t a buffet or menu style restuarant.  It was a hybrid.  When you walked in they gave you a card for each person, and you could walk around the restuarant to all the different stations and order food.  Once ordered they would scan your card which would charge you for the meal.  It kind of reminded me of The Union at ISU, only much cleaner…and with better food. The food selection was amazing, which Mom and I really enjoyed.

We headed back to the apartment and took the opportunity to get in naps, and rest my back.  We had planned to visit the Night Safari at the Sinapore Zoo that evening, but given my back we decided that we’d just have to come back.  Oh darn… We also got creative and found the app that allows for food delivery, Grab, which turned out to be a lot like Zomato.

Day 6 – Thursday November 8th: Orchard Road, Amazing Lunch, Pool, and Dinner In

After a few low key days we made our way to Orchard Road to look at shops that we couldn’t afford.  When we exited the MRT station and crossed the street the front line of cars included an Audi, BMW, Porsch, and a Mazeratti.  We were way out of our league…but we had a blast anyway.

Our first stop was breakfast/lunch at another restaurant on the top breakfast list, and it didn’t disappoint.  It was a little like First Watch but way more up scale.

We walked around Orchard road for an hour or so, looking through the windows of luxury brand stores, and then decided to head back to the apartment.

Once back at the apartment we did the pool and dinner in….again.

Day 7 – Friday November 9th: Bentley Out Front, Great Friends, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Play Date, Black Tap Brewery

Some very good friends of ours left india after our first year and after 6 months ended up in Singapore.  Christopher and Storm were very good friends last year so reached out and scheduled a day together.

On a side note, first things we saw leaving the apartment in the morning was a Bentley sitting in the parking log.  We had to take a picture, and yes I was constantly repeating ‘Do Not Touch’.


We left Gardens by the Bay for our day out with Storm, and made our way there using the MRT.  We met them in the MRT station and followed them to the park.  Our original plan was to let you kids play at the splash pad, but the local weather had the place shut down.  We went back later in the afternoon but it was still closed. Another thing for our next trip.

We decided to checkout the Canopy Gardens, which was a great attraction for when the weather isn’t the best.

After the Canopy we headed back to Storm’s apartment for some play time, and hopefully a nap for Madelyn. We finished out our last day with a trip to the Black Tap Brewery, another restaurant on the top brewery list.  This place was awesome.  The servers were playing peek a boo with Madelyn over the booth wall.

Day 8 – Saturday November 10th: Heading Home

We ended our trip just like it began with a lazy day and a reasonable flight.  We made our last trip on the MRT to have breakfast at VivoCity, and spent the rest of the day at the pool before jumping in a Taxi and heading to the airport.  And no trip is complete without a stop at the lounge for some iPad time and a Sprite.


The trip was amazing and Sinapore is still on our future travel list.

Love you,

Mom & Dad

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