Khao Lak, Thailand


It’s not often that we see a Luxury Escapes package that includes accommodations for a family of 5. So when we found the package at Mai Khaolak we jumped on the opportunity.

Our first visit to Thailand was to Phuket in 2018 where we stayed at the Hilton Resort, also through Luxury Escapes. Khao Lak is a town located about an hour and a half north of Phuket with the resort located right on the ocean.

The trip started with our flight out of Mumbai delayed by an hour. Upon further investigation using the FlightAware app we figured out that this flight is on average delayed by more than 40 minutes. I can’t say enough how useful some apps are to the travel experience. With the delay we arrived in Kuala Lumpur with only 25 minutes until our connecting flight departed.

With little sleep and the entire airport to run across, we managed to make it to the gate just in time. Madelyn was asking the entire time, “Daddy, why are we running?” In hindsight it wasn’t as close as my connection in San Fransisco in September, but with the 3 of you it was closer than we wanted. At this point we were really happy we decided to check some bags and not try to carry them on, but had little hope that our bags would make the short layover window. Usually they say 30-45 minutes is needed to transfer luggage from one flight to the next.

After arriving in Phuket, and making our way through customs, we confirmed that the bags did not make it. As always we did have one carry on bag with a days worth of cloths, and swim suites, in it so we weren’t too worried.

The signage at the airport for lost luggage was awful, so it took some time to figure out who to talk with. Fortunately we are now seasoned travelers and the customer service desk was very helpful. The bags were already on the next flight to Phuket and would be delivered to our hotel in Khao Lak. We had our bags delivered to the hotel by the afternoon.

Having been to this airport before we made or way to the exit and quickly found our transportation to the hotel. The drive took another hour and a half and the best part about it was there was no stop and go traffic. We just drove for the entire duration…it was magical.

The hotel was tucked situated perfectly, back away from the road and right on the beach. The brochure said it had 7 restaurants, and that was almost true at the time were there. The resort was split into a family and adults only area, which we assumed was to maintain a ‘quiet’ area for those wanting to relax.

We figured out quickly that the resort was new and they were still trying to get everything completed. Luckily the pools were finished and the restaurants that were open had some amazing Thai food, and good options for you three.

The Kids Pool

This vacation was planned to be low key with our time spent by the pool and ocean, and we nailed it. Our days consisted of sleeping in, breakfast, pool, lunch, kids club, massages, more pool, and dinner. It was rough. We spent a ton of time at the pool and ate some of the best Thai food we have found so far. Our favorites were Pad Thai, Tom Kha Soup, and the Mango Sticky Rice.

Amazing Mango and Sticky Rice

The best part of this hotel, at least for the boys, was water slide it had in the kids pool. It was only open for a few hours a day, due to the limited traffic at the pool we assumed, and was a lot of fun for you. The safety signs said it was designed for people up to 120kg ( 250lbs ), so the boys convinced me to go down the ‘fast slide’. I quickly learned that the safety rating for that slide was not up to western standards. The last part of the slide had a steep straight section that abruptly turned throwing most people up the wall….and it turns out the heavier people directly into the it. I had a bruised by hip for at least a month.

The ‘Slow’ Slide

We spent one day at the beach, which isn’t your mother’s favorite location due to the undertow potential, but I make sure to stay in water since your three aren’t used to it. I had hoped to go back a couple of times during our visit, since the hotel was directly on the beach, but messed up my knee trying to save Madelyn from being destroyed by a wave within the first hour. My knee was swollen and had limited range of motion for the next few days, so we kept to the pool.

It rained almost everyday we were there, but only in the afternoon which worked really well with our typical daily itinerary…and afternoon massages. The hotel provided umbrellas for every room so we had no trouble getting around from place to place, and even spent some time playing in the pool while it was raining.

Playing in the rain

All in all another amazing vacation, and a great platform to prepare us for a busy Christmas vacation in Europe.


Mom & Dad

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