We’ve learned that much of our travel success with three young children is in the gear that we never leave behind. Our top family travel items are shown below.


Travel Organizer
A great travel organizer is worth its weight in gold.

Universal Outlet Adapter
This is the best universal adapter that we’ve used. It works all over the world and have 4 USB ports.

Battery Pack
You never know when you’ll need your phone, so always be prepared.


Travel Backpack
We LOVE our Osprey backpacks. These bags are designed for travel and are built to last.

Travel Wallet
With 5 of use gliding through customs we need an efficient location for passports, visas, tickets, etc… to keep us moving.

Travel Cubes
There are a lot of options out there, but our Amazon Basic Travel Cubes are amazing. They really help keep things organized for the kids.


Wireless Headphones
These are not just for adults. These headphones have been great for the kids. We take the cords to use them on planes too.

Eye Mask
The night flights make sleeping hard, so we’re usually trying to catch up over the next few days. These are a must have.

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